Our Foundations

Our Foundations

Innovation at the heart of our development


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Placing innovation at the heart of our development

A key driving force behind our performance, innovation is an integral part of  Groupe Roullier's DNA.
Every day, through determination, collaboration and experimentation, our researchers and engineers strive to meet the nutritional challenges of the future. Their key strength lies in their ability to incorporate our customers' key concerns into the process of developing tailored and increasingly eco-efficient products.

Preserving harmony between mankind and the environment

Our working objective has remained the same for over 60 years : create and experiment with ever-more innovative products and technologies while implementing the key principles of sustainable, high-performance agriculture.
This is a truly global challenge that will involve and affect future generations. It is for this reason that our policy of investment in research and development remains constant and is unique throughout the world in its scope.

Innovation to meet the real needs of industry in the field

The reason behind Groupe Roullier's unprecedented growth over the past 60 years is its capacity to innovate in order to meet the highly specific needs of farmers and industrial groups all around the world. From field to factory, factory to laboratory and laboratory to applied research, our innovation "production line" is in motion every day - it's in our DNA !

Industrial strength on an international scale

Site Industriel du Groupe Roullier

Industrial heritage par excellence

The identity and history of Groupe Roullier are inherently linked with industry. This industrial capital, which takes the form of high-performance equipment, is the result of continuous development through external growth and investment in new establishments.
The geographical locations of the Group's 96 production facilities provide us with the best possible knowledge and understanding of our target markets, and the proximity needed to appreciate our customers' needs.

Committed to mankind and the environment

Industrial and environmental safety are top priorities for Groupe Roullier and each one of its employees. That's why we are constantly seeking to make improvements in workplace health and safety for our teams, our contractors and, of course, our customers.
In accordance with the group-wide Health, Safety and Environment policy, each site is committed to making employees and partners aware of their specific responsibilities and providing all necessary training.
In order to ensure projects and initiatives are carried out successfully, performance indicators and resource assessment measures have been introduced within each individual company.

A unique sales force within our sector

The best solutions come from the eart

Though we may be evolving as part of a globalised economy, uniformity is never our goal : from the outset, Groupe Roullier has implemented a unique economic model based on a close connection with the land and trust. Our agricultural and industrial experts (Technical Sales Agents, Product Managers, Market Managers, etc.) visit our customers on site in order to gain a full appreciation of local conditions and to offer relevant, high-performance solutions. Our greatest strength is the energy of our employees, and, on an international scale, the immaterial capital we have built up in the form of knowledge, patents and human expertise has proven to be worth every bit as much as our financial and physical capital. This is why the men and women of Groupe Roullier have occupied a central role in our ecosystem since day one.

Thinking globally, acting locally

Groupe Roullier was founded on the quays of the port town of Saint-Malo (Brittany, France); today, 69% of our teams work outside France and our products are sold in 131 countries. This exceptional level of international development is the result of an ambitious strategy, as well as a business culture that grants individual teams a significant level of autonomy.