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Groupe Roullier launches its International Business Leadership Program

Groupe Roullier launches its International Business Leadership Program

Since its creation, the Groupe has developed thanks to the men and women it is made of. With an innovative HR policy, the Groupe offers its employees missions in which entrepreneurship, independence and accountability are the key elements.

Convinced that our success depends on integration and training courses tailored to each personality and role, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new program aimed at International Regional Directors: The International Business Leadership Program.

This 15-month program is designed to be a stepping stone to accompany our future leaders via the role of Regional Manager to positions such as Business Units Manager or Director of Development. With more than 58 years of successful experience, some countries such as France, Spain, Poland and Italy will host the selected candidates during the 15 months of training. Because we are convinced that the best way to approach a job is to quickly immerse yourself in the day to day, our employees are immersed from the very beginning of their role. Accompanied by an expert mentor, the program members will quickly be managing a team and a P&L/balance sheet in order to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit and their potential. At the end of the program, they will be completely independent and will have all the necessary assets to contribute to the development of the Groupe by taking on the responsibility of business unit manager in another geographical area.

Are you ambitious? If you dare to take on the International Business Leadership Program, we can build the adventure together!

For further information, click here to download the brochure.