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USA: the deployment continues

USA: the deployment continues

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The USA, covering an area of over 9 million km², 44% of which is farmland(1), are a major market! Following a year of development, Timac Agro USA is pursuing its expansion and is intent on making it on the American market!

Objective: 500 TSAs

The budding success of our subsidiary is due to its ability to gather the workforce necessary to fulfill its ambitions. Our sales teams were made up of 16 employees back in 2014, and have now grown to 70. This is only the beginning. The ultimate objective is to have 500 Technical Sales Agents by 2020. This exponential growth reflects the company's commercial boom: in two years, Timac Agro USA's coverage expanded from 2 States to 17!

A new industrial tool  

To support its ambitions, our subsidiary also acquired a liquid biostimulant plant. It opened in December 2015 in Reading (Pennsylvania) after 7 months of construction work. In 4 years' time, its production capacity should reach 900,000 liters of biostimulants. The new facility is a true added value for supplying all of the company's customers. 

An unprecedented solution

Innovation, an integral part of our Group's culture, is also a leitmotiv for our subsidiaries. Timac Agro USA recently filed a patent for a solution that is unique in the USA: NutriRhize. This bio-activator helps the stimulation of mycorrhizae(2). This unique solution is a distinctive asset for the company against the competition.

Innovation, social and industrial development: all these assets are the forewarning signs that Timac Agro USA has a number of successes to come!

(1)Source: The World Bank

(2) A mycorrhiza stems from the symbiotic relationship between fungi and roots, improving plant growth