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Groupe Roullier: Official partner of the “Rêvolution” AgroParisTech TEDx event

Groupe Roullier: Official partner of the “Rêvolution” AgroParisTech TEDx event

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Events

The second TEDx event organized by the AgroParisTech engineering school was held on Thursday 1st February at the institute’s campus in Paris. For this edition, we sought to renew our partnership with AgroParisTech, in a spirit of openness and coherence with the theme of the conference.

The theme of this TEDx event was “Rêvolution”, discussing future innovations with the potential for advancing and improving our daily lives. Each of the event’s 9 speakers all come from specific areas of expertise, within which they have carried out significant amounts of research allowing them to put together their presentations for the event. Participation in a TEDx event provides a unique opportunity to attract investors and enhance various projects.

The speakers discussed a variety of topics: Guilhem Velvé Casquillas spoke on the creation and success of startups, while Mélanie Ouillon explored the subject of nutritional education for all.

The “Rêvolution” theme also matches the Groupe Roullier’s objectives, given that, in our approach to continuous improvement in Animal and Plant nutrition, we have a long-standing reputation as a major proponent of innovation. Establishing a partnership with AgroParisTech to support the organization of this TEDx event was, therefore, a natural choice. The relationship we have formed with AgroParisTech has enabled us to establish a long-term investment in a highly prestigious school and to offer its students highly stimulating internships within the Groupe.

As an official partner, we would like to highlight the professionalism and commitment of the students who participated in the organization of this TEDx event.