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 Development Halieutis has a new-look

Development Halieutis has a new-look

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Events

With 40 years’ experience in the production and marketing of natural and processed frozen fish products, HALIEUTIS wants to develop its turnover based on a two-pronged strategy: consolidating its  expertise and its volumes on one hand, and ensuring its diversification on the other. To embody this development project, the company has acquired a new identity: HALIEUTIS Fish&Co.

The new HALIEUTIS Fish&Co logo is brightly coloured and endearing with its multi-coloured, stylised fish whilst confirming its positioning with its “Fish&Co” baseline. These two terms bear witness to HALIEUTIS Fish&Co’s ambition to grow its core business. Within the diversification policy, HALIEUTIS Fish&Co is launching a new brand, ‘Vertigù’, which offers new fish based frozen products, as well as cheese and vegetables. Positioned in a premium sector, that of small frozen dressed portions, this new brand, destined for the finger food market, is aimed primarily at millennials and will be launched in March.

This development marks a turning point for HALIEUTIS Fish&Co and its 81 employees. Currently, most sales are made in France but with this mutation in the company’s identity and the increase in product range, HALIEUTIS Fish&Co is demonstrating its modern outlook and international ambition. “We chose a baseline in English in order to strengthen our identity beyond borders,” says Frédéric Denoual, General Manager of HALIEUTIS Fish&Co.

The new identity and new brand will be presented this January during SIRHA, which, each year, gathers together restaurant and hotel management professionals from all over the world. Part of the Groupe Roullier since 1994, this subsidiary continues to break new ground!