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Commitments, interviews, challenges, actions, key figures... Our 2019 Extra-Financial Performance Report is here!

Commitments, interviews, challenges, actions, key figures... Our 2019 Extra-Financial Performance Report is here!

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Community Relations

Starting today, our second Group-wide Extra-Financial Performance Report is available for all our stakeholders to discover. This document presents our commitments to sustainable growth and the concrete actions implemented in 2019 toward fulfilling these engagements. By asserting our eco-responsible approach as a performance driver, we are maintaining the positive dynamic established at the Group’s creation 60 years ago, when we set our course as pioneers in processing mineral materials to improve nutrition for living things.

We published our very first Extra-Financial Performance Report a year ago. More than a simple exercise in business reporting, it was a chance for us to take stock of our main environmental, social, and societal challenges, define our indicators, and highlight the numerous, positive actions that had already been undertaken.

We have used the last year, since that report, to structure our ambitions and measure our outcomes. By laying out our roadmap and stating our three commitments and 11 most important challenges, we have built on our capacity for self-evaluation in order to take our impact management further. These commitments translate into 57 visionary, concrete actions, both at the global and local levels, driven and realized by our teams. The many initiatives presented in this latest Extra-Financial Performance Report allow us to remain loyal to our operational principles while also serving our collective ambition: Growing Together

Alongside our actions and key growth figures, we present here, for the first time, our materiality matrix and value creation model, as well as the major challenges inherent to our sector. All of this content will help broaden your understanding of our ecosystem and our operational principles.

Close to 166 employees and external stakeholders contributed to drafting and verifying this report—creating a pool of positive energy that will help all of us push toward attaining our goals.

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