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Well-being at work: our subsidiaries awarded

Well-being at work: our subsidiaries awarded

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Community Relations

Well-being at work has become one of the major concerns of employees, seeking a fulfilling environment. Aware of this issue, our subsidiaries took on the matter. A quick look at the actions launched by Timac Agro Italia and Timac Agro Brasil.

Genuine internal audit

For the first time, our Timac Agro Italia subsidiary was one of the winners in Best Place to Work, awarding companies in which it is good to work. In order to assess our subsidiary, each employee was asked to fill out an anonymous survey of 70 questions on the themes of respect, equity, collaboration and innovation. All this information was used to establish an exhaustive inventory of the working environment at Timac Agro Italia. This test was a great success both in terms of participation and results. Our subsidiary joined the Best Place to Work winners in 23rd place nationally, and becomes the only company in the agricultural sector to be included in this prestigious ranking.

Ambassador employees

Another country, another winner. In Brazil, our employees expressed themselves on the Love Mondays platform. It is a website that allows employees to assess their employer and express themselves anonymously. The areas considered this time were pay policy, quality of life, career opportunities and business culture. These criteria were judged to be satisfactory as 96% of respondents recommend Timac Agro Brasil. This score means that our subsidiary is 17th out of 70,000 companies listed.

Encouraging conclusions

Both these initiatives enabled the subsidiaries to compare their results with those of other participating companies and identify good practices. The conclusions of these two actions are on the same page: they underline our teams' pride of belonging and their confidence in the company and its management. They also illustrate the energy of our Group and reward the efforts of our subsidiaries.