Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Key figures

  • 500

    boilers in operation

  • 1 000

    MW total installed capacity


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    Based in Ugine, in the East of France, Weiss France designs and installs biomass boilers for industrial, tertiary or agricultural buildings, as well as for heating networks.

    Creating energy that is as clean and as local as possible is our mission, and our subsidiary provides solutions that not only comply with but often surpass safety and environmental standards, in particular regarding the release of fumes into the atmosphere.

    Weiss France is at the heart of the value chain for French wood and fits into a circular economy approach through the energy recovery of the resource (in the form of wood-waste and wood chips from the co-products of forestry and industrial use) and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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    With one hundred years of experience, Weiss France has been able to develop unique technological expertise based on the experience and continuous training of its employees in new technical solutions. The subsidiary thus fosters the creation of locally-based skilled and versatile jobs and contributes to the development of rural areas.

    Its knowledge of the various biomass combustion techniques and of all boiler room processes, combined with its innovative drive, allow it to provide customized turnkey solutions that meet the objectives and commitments of all of its customers.


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    Weiss France provides customized solutions from a range of 500 kW to 15 MW wood fuel boilers. They are each equipped to produce heat for all types of fluids (hot water, superheated water, saturated steam) and for all sectors of activity (heating networks, industry, housing – rent-controlled housing & condominiums, tertiary, agriculture).

    Further to the design and installation of the boiler, Weiss provides comprehensive support throughout the entire lifespan of the boiler: maintenance, training sessions to improve operational performance, and work to improve the boiler’s lifespan and guarantee better energy efficiency for facilities, etc.

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