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    Magnésie d'un site appartenant au Groupe Roullier

    As part of its constant development and focus on diversification, the Groupe Roullier began “Magnesium” activities in the 1970s.

    With three dedicated subsidiaries, it has now become a key player in the sector.

    This area of activity has changed considerably over the years, and developed into a veritable Magnesium-focused centre of expertise.


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    The TIMAB Magnesium, Magnesitas Navarras, and Magnesium do Brasil subsidiaries all respond to specific needs, specialising in three areas in which Magnesium is used:

    • agricultural applications: for animal nutrition and crop production
    • industrial applications: for industrial or environmental processes
    • refractory applications: for the steel industry

    Focused entirely on development with a devotion to investing in innovation, each of these three companies has its own R&D department that also has access to the Groupe Roullier’s scientific, technical, and human resources.

    With almost 650 employees, the internationally based teams benefit from over 40 years of experience. Our sales teams work in tandem with the R&D department on product development, with technical support, as well as with all of the departments relevant to the supply chain in order to guarantee the quality of both our products and our services (availability, deadlines, traceability, etc.). We even manage to do this on a global scale thanks to a meticulous logistical network.

    In addition to highly advanced knowledge of Magnesium, the company also has its own mines in Spain and Brazil. This direct access to the raw material allows for total control of the product’s entire value chain, from the extraction of rigorously selected ore to the marketing of specific magnesium-based solutions.

    These production activities are supplemented by exclusive partnerships that help secure various perfectly controlled, verified, and optimised sources, whether of mining origin, or more recently, of marine origin.

    Our Range

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    Magnesium is a common and highly available element, yet it remains widely unknown. It has huge potential in each of its areas of application. Only further research will allow us to make full use of all of its properties.

    The aim is not only to provide bespoke products that meet the needs we are aware of in the field, where our sales teams have a constant and expansive presence, but also to develop the products of tomorrow through the activation of a considerable means.

    Our subsidiaries



    Magna is a mining site for the extraction and processing of magnesium for industrial use.

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    Magnesium do Brasil

    Magnesium do Brasil

    Magnesium do Brasil is a company that specialises in the mining of magnesium deposits all over Brazil. 

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    TIMAB Magnesium

    Timab Magnesium

    TIMAB Magnesium is a provider of magnesium-based solutions for agricultural applications (animal and plant nutrition), as well as magnesita for industrial and environmental applications.

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