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    NUWEN is a creator of cosmetic products and one of the leading names in France for the transformation and commodification of algae and aquamarine materials. 

    Staying in tune with the issues its clients face and researching specific solutions to ensure added value in every project, NUWEN guides and supports its industrial clients in their efforts to innovate and stand apart, supplying them with the raw materials and solutions of the future.


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    Industrial expertise.

    NUWEN operates 1 production site, located on the Pleubian peninsula (Côtes d’Armor), which is dedicated to the production, transformation and commodification of seaweeds and the development of cosmetic formulae.

    A consistent approach to quality.

    Our company places the utmost importance on customer satisfaction, and the quality of the products it sells. Our quality system is fundamental to the company's management system, and is applied to every single process up until the moment our customers receive delivery of their products.

    An optimised and high-performance supply chain.

    Our logistics department ensures a continuous and reliable flow of goods, from the product’s manufacture through to its delivery across each and every geographical area we supply. Serving as an essential interface between the various internal and external departments involved, the supply chain applies its expertise in order to fulfil our clients’ every request.

    Strict regulatory practices.

    Backed by a team of experts with intimate knowledge of the complex legislation associated with our various areas of activity, the regulatory department's main task is ensuring the regulatory compliance of the products we market. This oversight enables us to secure our clients’ business activities as well as our own, while also supporting our development throughout the various markets in question.

    R&D Development and Support.

    The R&D team forms the core of the NUWEN strategy. Part of its work focuses on demonstrating the effectiveness of natural ingredients for applications in the fields of cosmetics and health/nutrition. The team also offers tailored services, developing highly specific and effective formulae, as well as packaging options adapted to suit the sales channel in question.



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    NUWEN’s cosmetics branch formulates and produces a wide range of care products, and supplies marine-origin ingredients to the biggest names in the cosmetics industry, both in France and abroad. NUWEN offers face and body care products, as well as a specific range of powders (peel-off masks, scrubs and exfoliants, dry shampoo, etc.)

    Nutrition and Health:

    NUWEN’s health/nutrition branch provides solutions for companies in the Agri-food and Nutraceutical industries. NUWEN supplies marine-origin ingredients for use in dietary supplements, functional beverages and a range of pre-prepared food products.

    Environmental Solutions:

    NUWEN markets raw materials designed for use in water treatment as well as in buildings and construction work. The solutions developed by NUWEN are primarily based on natural and marine products.

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